Getting my 'Bambi' on


Hi, my name is Kristina and I’ve become an eyelash extension addict by choice. To you who have not heard or tried my choice of ‘drug’ I will briefly explain what it is:

Basically you go into a nice spa, lie down for about an hour to an hour and a half and relax on a soft bed, while an expert technician gently adds the finest and most beautiful hairs to your own eyelashes. Result: You wake up feeling refreshed after your nap and you look like a million Swiss Francs. Also, from now on, you do not have to worry about makeup anymore. Ever… !

Now, the tricky part about the eyelash extensions is, that you need refilling every now and then. My schedule involves lots of traveling so it’s become second nature to me to find my ‘to-go-to places’ everywhere I visit. Be it NYC, LA, CPH, Zürich, San Francisco, Vegas, Ibiza or wherever. When it comes to Eyelash extensions I’m extremely picky. I had the worst experience with spas that had no clue what they were doing. So arriving in Copenhagen I carefully asked around and found that Lash Bar was the place everyone recommends me. Apparently this salon is the darling of not only Scandinavian celebrities, but VIPs from all over the Planet pay a visit to the salon as well, when in Copenhagen. I research a little and find out that Lash Bar owner, the beautiful blonde bombshell, Rikke Steenskov Udengaard not only has her salon, but an entire academy where she trains eyelash and brow expert from all over the world to become the super league within their field. 400 and counting just within the past 3 years. Moreover, Rikke and Rikke’s scholars are so good that they win both 1st, 2nd and 3rd price in the yearly national Danish championship in Eyelash extensions plus Lash Bar is nominated in Danish Beauty Awards 2015 as the best beauty / lash clinic in the country.

“We have the expertise when it comes to eyelash extensions and brows, but we are also very focused on hygiene and the individual needs from customer to customer. I always teach my technicians to evaluate everyone’s lashes with extra care. Everyone is different, and everyone deserves special attention”.  I agree and would resemble it to finding a hair dresser that gets you. Someone you like and trust. I’ve had my full mane of hair and my lashes completely destroyed before. My hair-to-the-waistline was burned off by a wrong treatment before a photo shoot and most of my lashes got plucked out by an ignorant eyelash extension person. Since then, I’ve been extremely careful with whom I let touch my hair and lashes. Let’s face it ladies: the only place we wanna feel bald is below the neck and down. Up and above can be busy and wild. Am I right..?

So how to treat bad eyelash job? Or in the case you have sparsely eyelashes by nature? This is Rikke’s recommendation: “Use M2 lash serum at night before you got to bed. It will help you grow your lashes big and bushy even though you are wearing extensions”. Also, Rikke recommends me to get something called ‘Volume Lashes’ instead of normal long and heavy ones that would hurt my own lashes. “The technician carefully picks up between 2 - 5 extremely fine little lashes that are way lighter than one of the traditional extensions you would have attached to your own natural lashes. They are usually a tiny bit shorter than the old version of lash extensions, but because their are between 2-5 lashes attached to your own single lash, you get the most amazing full look you’ve ever seen”. Bye bye mascara…

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Below is a few images from the salon in Copenhagen:


The expert and owner of Lash Bar Rikke and part of her gorgeous staff…


Me getting my ‘Bambi’ on


Tiny hairs can make a huge difference! Be it on lashes or on brows.


Me goofing around after my nap on the bed waking up with gorgeous ‘Volume’ lashes :-)

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