Latteria San Marco is an amazing restaurant in Milan


Latteria San Marco – Milan

Located in the elegant yet discreet  district of Brera, the genuine, warm Latteria San Marco is a no nonsense jewel for conoisseurs from all over the world.

Every high profile figure of design,fashion, journalism and art know that this tiny place that doesn’t accept reservations is worth the waiting.

Maria and Arturo Maggi enchant with their quintessential italian hospitality and authentic food coocked to perfection and this is exactly the philosophy behind the restaurant since 1965: great quality delivered in a homey environment. It’s impossible not to feel like at your granma’s waiting for your favourite dish.

Fresher than fresh ingredients harvested in the Maggi’s organic gardens remind us times when italian food looked and tasted “just better”.

Latteria San Marco is a timeless, classic and precious gem in a city that is too often just glittering.

Latteria San Marco
Via San Marco, 24


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