Objects, Faces & Places - My Visual Diary

Since early 2009, I have lived in constant motion traveling to and living in various cities around the world.  Sometimes I stay put in certain cities that I have an attraction towards, for up to a year at a time.  Some of the cities which I’ve stayed in for more extended periods include London, Los Angeles and New York City.  My lifestyle has led me to have some pretty surreal and amazing experiences and even better, the fortune of meeting some very interesting people.

This visual diary is filled with random photos from my travels.  I will update it a few times a week with photos from the past and present.  The diary is organized by city or place and filled with what the title suggests: objects, faces and places.  Various cameras have been used in the process including a Canon Rebel, I-Phone 4 and Lomo Diana+. http://www.objectsfacesandplaces.tumblr.com

-Haya Zoubi

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