Art And Culture

Wallpaper by Arid Orozco

Tatiana Pagés, CEO/Chief Creative Officer of Greencard Creative, and Curator is excited to present “Wallpaper,” Arid Orozco’s first exhibit in New York City, on Monday, April 21, 2014. Orozco is a contemporary Latin American artist who has a passion for color and culture. The exhibition will take place at El Aripo Café, 172 Delancey Street, from 6-11pm. An array of mouthwatering cocktails will be served by Moscow 57, an eclectic restaurant located in downtown Manhattan.

Kraftwerk - Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles

I witnessed one of the most amazing live performances ever. Kraftwerk performed live in 3-D for the first time in Los Angeles in a very long time. All of their shows here sold out within minutes and all shows were at the amazing Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles. I was ecstatic to find out that I would cover the Friday performance at Walt Disney Concert Hall for the Kraftwerk 3-D Concert : “7 The Mix” show.

Brooklyn Night Bazaar - NYC

One of the greatest things about the Brooklyn Night Bazaar is just how much there is to do. The event, which takes place every Friday and Saturday night from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. at 165 Banker St. in Williamsburg — a block north of McCarren Park — is an amalgam of night market, concert venue, video arcade, bar/restaurant, and club. Though it packs in as many as 5,000 people a night in its huge warehouse space, what’s really overwhelming is deciding what to do first.

ANALOGIA Installation at Bryant Park - NYC

Analogia is a 60 foot free standing structure of two towers, measuring 15’ x 15’ each, surrounding a ziggurat (pyramid) frame comprised of 1.5 miles of bamboo with 32,000 pounds of steel. The structure will hold 7 layers of 14 fresco paintings by New York native artist Ben Tritt on 600 yards of burlap with 200 gallons of enamel and tar of images inspired by western and non-western sculptures from The Metropolitan Museum of Art Collection.

Fabric 14th Year Birthday Party - London

I had the honor and privilege to attend one of London’s most exclusive parties, the 14th Birthday Party of Fabric. Not only was I lucky enough to be in London at the time, but also I was grateful to attend this colossal party with so many amazing DJs from all around the world. After recently returning from Berlin, it was great to see many awesome Berlin DJs at the Fabric party.

Roman Polanski's ‘Weekend of a Champion’

Two old friends reminiscing about a long-gone weekend probably seems more like the stuff of holiday gatherings than packed theaters. But when the two chums are Formula 1 legend Sir Jackie Stewart and Oscar-winning film director Roman Polanski, it’s the kind of thing that draws crowds. At least that’s what the two men, along with producer Brett Ratner, are hoping. All three recently gathered (with the director Skyping in from France, where he continues to reside) at New York’s Crosby Street Hotel for a press conference and screening of Polanski’s re-cut and restored 1971 documentary “Weekend of a Champion,” ahead of its theatrical re-release on November 22.

Interview with Elvira Vintage Founders - London

Elvira Vintage is an online vintage boutique that offers a carefully edited collection of internationally sourced vintage clothing and accessories by high end designers including Celine, Dior, Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent, to name a few. Founders of Elvira Vintage, Tori Steinberg and Sophie Scrimgeour, noticed that vintage clothing shops in London are scarcely edited, and decided to fill the gap with carefully selected vintage available to a broader market. Here’s an interview with the founders:

Boris - Los Angeles

I had the pleasure of witnessing a once in a lifetime performance. Boris from Japan played their entire Flood album. This was one of the best, unique shows I have ever seen. Most bands do not play an entire album as a themed show. Boris is a visionary band who enjoys being classified as not one genre. The Flood album was released in 2000, however it is still a very modern album today.

A Tribe Called Red - Santa Monica

A Tribe Called Red is an amazing 3 piece electronic group from Canada. They blend together tribal beats and war-cry chants with hip hop and dub step. I had the pleasure of witnessing an incredible performance in Santa Monica, California. The crowd was packed into this smaller venue called Central SAPC in Santa Monica. Central SAPC has a great sound system and cool bar with chill bartenders. It was nice to see most of the crowd dancing along to A Tribe Called Red’s nonstop jams.