Barcelona + Leica Camera

There is no denying that Barcelona is a beautiful city that takes pride in its rich history crossed with the embrace of modernity. If you can overlook the fact that the crime rate for petty theft and muggings runs rampant along with the seemingly slightly cranky nature of its inhabitants, then you will love this city. There is such a wide array of textures and colors, this city is a designer or artist’s dream.

Roig Robi Restaurant - Barcelona

Located in the heart of Barcelona just off Avinguda Diagonal, Roig Robi has been serving classic Catalonian fare for over twenty five years. Flavors drawn from classic Catalonian comfort food are set against a lovely indoor/outdoor garden seating area along with all of the top notch Spanish wines you could hope for. Keeping things fresh is first priority here. Fish is flown in twice a day with leftovers discarded not to be used again.

Enoteca - Barcelona

With Michelin starred executive chef Paco Perez at the helm of chic restaurant, Enoteca, you quickly realize that this isn’t your average Spanish restaurant, or your average dining experience. Located in the fashionable Hotel Arts, Enoteca features low lighting and dark cherry wood, a study in modern Mediterranean style minimalist design. While we selected from the varied menu, which included a good range of seafood and meat options, we started out with a traditional Spanish treat of the best grade of Iberian ham with traditional bruschetta with tomato topping, very pleasant, the ham had a perfectly chewy texture and almost a hit of a citrus-y tang when combined with the tomato bread.

The Spa @ Mandarin Oriental - Barcelona

Barcelona is a big, beautiful city brimming with marvelous historical sites, excellent shopping destinations and some of the best dining options in Europe. However just like any other big and beautiful city, Barcelona can be quite stressful. The air quality permeating the city appears to be exasperated by the fact that it seems like everyone around you is chain-smoking cigarettes and of course just like any other major city it’s non-stop hustle and continuous bustle.

Fat Tire Bike Tour: Barcelona

The Barcelona City bike tour runs through city and beach spanning approximately seven miles over a four hour period. If Google maps married Lonely Planet, this tour would be their nerdy, bike riding love child. Hosted by highly knowledgeable tour guides who let you in on the secrets you need to know about the city so that you can know where to go even after the tour ends. From the choicest places to have a few sangrias to the neighborhoods best worth getting lost in to historical information about specific structures: the result is a bike tour of fascinating trivia and some downright impressive happenings.

Hotel 1898 - Barcelona

By Jennifer O’Neill Barcelona’s Hotel 1898 is an exclusive 4 star hotel that has all the makings and amenities of a 5 star hotel, and in my opinion should thusly be classified as such. Personal bias aside, this historical hotel in the heart of the bustling Las Ramblas district of the city is a quiet oasis and escape from the frenetic touristy pace of the city itself. Although there is a preconceived notion that the Spanish take life at a slower pace, the nonstop influx of tourists looking to invade upon all corners of the city, at all hours, certainly didn’t get that memo.