Mandeville Hotel London

The Mandeville Hotel in London is a great place to stay, shop and enjoy your visit in London. The hotel is centrally located near Marylebone High street and short distance from great shopping and nightlife near Selfridges and Bond street. The Tube is a few blocks away also. The hotel has great sense of style and design without breaking the budget. We highly recommend checking them out. We were very impressed with the Hotel’s classic style by leading interior decorator Stephen Ryan.

Hempel Hotel - London

Review and Photos by The Cobrasnake The Hempel is a really quiet hotel located in Paddington. It’s far away from everything. When you are inside it feels really relaxing. The reception is very quiet and clean -as is the rest of the hotel. The room was completely white. The bed was so big you could comfortably sleep 4 people. Perfect for a last minute late night orgy. Its kinda hard to find things because everything is located behind hidden doors which are also white.

Langham Hotel - London

Old world charm meets new world decadence at the Langham hotel in London. Langham London is an icon among London hotels, and rightly so. The legend of this hotel is true: impeccable service, restaurants, swimming pool and a full fitness center you won’t be disappointed. A walk through the lobby and halls will transform you back to the Victorian era with its elegant décor and poise. The hotel has undergone a complete refurbishment to the main areas and its 380 rooms, thus preserving the original details of the late 1800’s.

The Wellesley Hotel - London

The Wellesley is a gorgeous luxury boutique hotel situated in London’s exclusive Knightsbridge area. What was formerly an iconic jazz bar in the 1920’s is now a beautifully art deco inspired hotel landmark. The hotel features an indoor/outdoor lounge, a restaurant and a very attentive staff. We spoke with the Wellesley’s Chief Concierge Jim Cameron: Tell us a little bit about the history of the Wellesley hotel: The Wellesley is a 1920s Knightsbridge boutique luxury hotel with a famous musical heritage.

Hache Burger - London

Considered one of the best places to get an amazing burger in London, Hache Burger is the brainchild of husband and wife team, Suzie and Berry Casey. What started out as a family run creperie in Camden eventually evolved into Hache Burger, with the motivation being to offer Londoners a quality burger sourced from the freshest local ingredients -a rarity at the time. Hache has been awarded “Best Burger in London” by Time Out amongst other awards from local and international food writers, along with a dedicated following in the city.

Great Northern Hotel - St. Pancras, London

Hotels these days are really pushing the boundaries in terms of offering more services, outlandish design and mechanized service. I’m glad to say that Great Northern Hotel holds their standards to a high point, without sacrificing anything in the process. Now I know this might be getting a bit too far off base on semantics for an introduction. Yet, I’ve visited plenty of hotels of late where the staff seems terrified of the management (and thusly, me), hotels where I can get a loan for a new house with the remote on my TV and hotels where I feel like I need to know how to play a Theremin just to run the water.

Jumeirah Carlton Tower - London

You really should do this more often, old chap. Sipping a glass of champagne in your classically luxurious room at the Jumeirah Carlton Tower, you contemplate dinner at the hotel’s venerable Rib Room, famous for its Aberdeen Angus beef. Is there time to pop into the Victoria and Albert Museum or wander through Hyde Park? Of course - they’re both minutes away. With 218 rooms and suites on 18 floors, chic Jumeirah Carlton Tower offers commanding views of Central London.

Kitchenette - London

Putney is home to the first London based Kitchenette restaurant, following the success of various other locations: many are in Turkey, with others operating in St. Petersburg, and Baku. This lively venture serves an all-day Mediterranean style menu - breakfast, lunch and dinner - with Turkish influences. Kitchenette’s interior simplicity is appealing, which brings the attention to the table, the quality of the food: a mark of many fine eateries.

Acciuga - London

Sitting quietly on Kensington High Street is an Italian restaurant named Acciuga (anchovy), and judging by its unassuming facade you’ll be forgiven for missing to note anything special. This restaurant however is the brainchild of young Guglielmo Arnulfo - head chef and owner - a man who states a clear intention to offer a traditional yet experimental menu from his native Liguria, with influences from Piedmont and Tuscany. Arnulfo gets fired up about the authenticity of other ‘Italian’ restaurants serving a dull Bolognese, but overall is indifferent to any menu other than his own.

Ognisko Restaurant - London

At Ognisko, owner Jan Woroniecki (who is also the owner of Eastern European style Baltic Restaurant located at South Bank) set out to offer Old Polish cuisine meets the whole world in the wine list with an elegant backdrop. Located on the ground floor of the beautiful building that is the home to the Ognisko Polskie club on Exhibition Road, South Kensington, the bar and restaurant are open to the public for lunch and dinner seven days a week.