Virgin Trains - London to Liverpool

British train travel isn’t as glorious as its continental European counterparts, but a trip on a Virgin Trains is as rock and roll as it gets on the island. Services in Britain were privatized 15 years ago to mixed reviews: Higher fares resulted, as did safer services, longer repair times began, though customer service was also improved. Virgin has been equally criticised along with the competition. What sets them apart is that Virgin gets right so many things that other services get so wrong.

Velvet - Manchester, UK

By Jessica Ainlay Photos by Daniela Heinrich Every once in a while I have one of those perfect weekend getaways where everything goes exactly according to plan. My recent trip to Manchester was by no means one of them. The train ride on Virgin Trains was flawless, but the blizzard began 20 minutes outside of Manchester Piccadilly station and snow continued to fall as I boarded the train back to London 3 days later.