Palm Springs

Korakia Pensione - Palm Springs

Voted as “one of the sexiest hotels in America” by the New York Times, it’s easy to see why this tucked away little retreat in the desert lives up to its title. Not only does Korakia Pensione live up to its prestigious title, they also work tirelessly to maintain it. The property is run with deft precision … all of the fineries and small touches one would expect in a 5 star hotel, but delivered as though you were the only person staying at the property.

Alcazar Resort - Palm Springs

As far as having every conceivable hotel luxury and amenity available under one roof….Alcazar in Palm Springs has got you covered from A to Z, or rather, in this case…it’s got you covered A, B, and C! Alcazar (A), Birba (B) and Cheeky’s ©, are three of the most coveted destinations in such a short radius. You quite literally have your every holiday desire accommodated and fulfilled within a few steps from each other.

Park Yourself at the Parker in Palm Springs

By Jennifer O’Neill Quirky is the only way to describe the Parker Palm Springs Hotel located in the heart of the Desert. With interior design by Jonathan Adler, the décor is not for the faint of heart. The ambiance is reminiscent of a 70’s inspired psychedelic acid trip, with its topsy-turvy lamps and a sign emblazoned with the word “DRUGS” in the lounge area. Somehow this all feels perfectly normal juxtaposed with the pink-suit clad doormen and valet attendants.

Colony Palms Hotel - A Moroccan Oasis In The Desert

By Jennifer O’Neill After undergoing extensive renovations, the Colony Palms Hotel has re-invented itself as a colonial Moroccan-inspired 4 star boutique property. Designed by Los Angeles based Martyn Lawrence-Bullard, no detail was overlooked. As soon as you enter the property you immediately feel as if you’ve entered an enchanted garden. The view of the pool and the legendary Purple Palms Restaurant with its outdoor dining is the first thing that strikes you.