Rio De Janeiro

Zuka - Rio de Janeiro

Located in the affluent neighborhood of Leblon, more specifically on Rua Dias Ferreira (carioca’s food heaven), the sleek yet cosy Zuka keeps enchanting its sexy clientele with Ludmilla Soeiro’s delectable cuisine. Service brings a stylish and casual approach, with the chef herself serving some tables and chatting with happy and at ease clients, most of whom seemed regulars, embraced in the Brazilian flair for great food and cheerful mood. Soeiro isn’t afraid to dare and conquer with tasty dishes of surprising combinations.

Sushi Leblon in Rio

A pioneer of elegant, legit yet avant-garde Japanese cuisine since its opening in 1986, Sushi Leblon is a clear favourite with the carioca elite and international glitterati: Madonna, David Beckham and Jared Leto are just a few of the many superstar regulars. On the menu, mouthwatering dishes like “tuna tartare with caviar and raw egg yolk”, “salmon carpaccio with truffled oil”, and “grilled scallops with papaya guacamole” really embody the bold spirit and attitude of the restaurant.

Hotel Santa Teresa - Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Review and Photos by the Cobrasnake Driving to the the Santa Teresa hotel was quite an adventure. Located towards the top of a hill in the center of Rio I felt like I was staying at someone’s house. The property is amazing very green, very natural very peaceful. The front desk is very relaxing, everyone is sitting down and using laptops. The whole place is very woodsy. My room was big and had a very fresh feeling with lots of natural light and positive energy.

Hotel Marina All Suites / Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Review and Photos by the Cobrasnake The Marina All-Suites hotel is located directly across from the beach, in the heart of Leblon. I stayed there last week on my trip to Brazil. When I checked in I was offered champagne and was escorted to my room on the 6th floor. The room had an amazing view of the ocean and when you opened the window you could hear the waves crashing on the shore.