San Francisco

Places To Go On Rainy Days in San Francisco for Toddlers and Kids

Do you have a toddler and are looking for some rainy day fun in San Francisco? Are you a tourist in San Francisco with toddlers or kids? A Bay Area local looking for fun activities for your toddler and kids in San Francisco? Don’t let the rain get to you because you can still have fun with kids on rainy days in SF. As a local San Francisco mommy of a toddler I know firsthand how much getting out of the house and doing fun stuff means.

5 Things To Do Around Valencia Street In The San Francisco Mission

Being a local San Franciscan I have seen so many shops and stores change hands in the last several years that it seems like there is a new restaurant or store that pops up every month. Rising rents have led to many of the original businesses leaving and the area becoming the most gentrified that it has ever been before. The fact that the people are non-flashy, friendly, and the real deal is what makes the people in this place unique.

InterContinental - San Francisco

The drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco always seems a little shorter and a little easier. When I finally arrived there I was a little frazzled from the traffic and having anticipated a few less hours at the wheel. Making matters even more challenging was navigating downtown on a busy Saturday night before I could finally get to the hotel. I’ve come to expect good things from the InterContinental Hotels & Resorts over the years and tonight I was going to need those expectations to be met.

Boutikia Holiday - San Francisco

When you travel, nothing can compete with the comfort and cosiness of staying in an apartment instead of a hotel. A few weeks ago, I spent two days in San Francisco. I had the chance to stay in a four bedrooms apartment in a Victorian Painted Lady located in NOPA, a quiet area close to downtown, filled with lovely cafes within walking distance. The apartment is spread over two floors, it’s big enough to play hide-and-seek with your children or partners.

Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival 2010- San Francisco, CA

While crossing John F. Kennedy Drive, I could already feel the bass from the Outside Lands Main Stages. The excitement gave me chills as we entered the venue. After walking down the rocky path through the park, we joined an eclectic crowd of hipsters all anticipating their favorite artist to take the stage. The three main stages, Lands End, Sutro, and Twin Peaks, were all nestled in separate ends of the grassy polo fields of Golden Gate Park.

The Ritz Carlton - San Francisco

After crossing the Bay Bridge into San Francisco, I glimpsed a momentous structure on a peak overlooking the city. The Ritz-Carlton, resting at the end of a cobblestone driveway, was quietly nestled at the top of historic Nob Hill. The nine-story hotel was breath-taking with its enormous white stone columns, which resembled such architecture as the White House. However, the grandeur and powerful historic vibe could only be compared to a landmark in Rome.

Hotel Adagio - San Francisco

From scoping out the most authentic tacos in the Mission district to inhaling the flower power of Haight + Ashbury, we were too busy for the check-in at the Adagio Hotel to be anything other than quick, hasty even, in order to get back out to the exciting streets of San Francisco. Walking through those big brown doors and into the glowing, grand reception, it was clear, however, that my love affair with S.

SF Chefs.Food.Wine - San Francisco

By Bob Schriner After 20 hours on my feet in some very poorly chosen shoes my night should have been over. Yet feeling like there were as many blisters on my feet as toes would not keep me away from Chocolate Enchantment at the Westin St. Francis. Despite the sensory overload of BBQ night, I knew I could still be delighted on a higher level. I was so taken in by the grand entrance of the hotel.

SF Chefs. Food. Wine - Part II

By Bob Schriner After some much needed downtime, I was eager to head back to the Saturday night grand tasting. After what I had seen in the earlier tasting, I doubted I could sufficiently build enough of an appetite to take on a night of BBQ. When I walked back into the big tent I was happily reunited with my wine glass, but attacked in the ears by some less than welcome music.

SF CHEFS. FOOD. WINE Festival Day 1

By Bob Schriner There’s nothing like starting your day off with a walk around San Francisco. As I strolled the streets with a hot cup of coffee in my hand I witnessed the logistical hustle needed to get the city stocked to host away the weekend, there was such promise in the air. After an extensive walking tour of the town, I made my way over to EandO Trading Co for the Delectable Dumplings class.