The Fullerton Bay Hotel - Singapore

Singapore has got its new hotel marvel: The Fullerton Bay, that just opened 6 months ago and I was lucky enough to try it! Completely built over water, the hotel is a stunning jewel-like addition to the renowned Marina Bay waterfront, and is illuminated by the setting sun. The hotel is ensconced between the iconic heritage buildings, Clifford Pier and Customs House. Both buildings played important roles in Singapore’s history and saw the arrival of many of Singapore’s early settlers.

New Majestic Hotel – Singapore

The New Majestic Hotel in Singapore offers Design with a capital “D.” But while it offers a hotel experience filled with artwork and decor by all sorts of different artists, theatre directors, and designers of furniture and clothing, the feel is accessible without pretension. There is definitely a touch of whimsy with rooms feeling like living works of art. Many of the rooms feature walls covered in hand-painted murals and original sculptures and artworks, and some even have outdoor bathtubs.

Hotel Re! - Singapore

Hotel Re! is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. The theme is definitely 70’s Mod with a touch of American pop culture. This place is not for everyone, however if you’ve ever watched an old episode of Star Trek and thought how cool it would be to spend a night on the Enterprise, then this is your place. The color and design instantly transport you to the glam world of Studio 54 and The Factory.

Rang Mahal: The Best of India in Singapore

Andrew Derrick Do you think it’s true what they say about restaurants? You know, if you go to a Chinese restaurant and you look inside, and if it’s full of Chinese people, that means it’s a good Chinese restaurant. Well, if that’s the case, then Rang Mahal would definitely qualify. When I lunched there last month, it was filled with power lunching Indian businessman and families enjoying the exquisitely prepared food and posh atmosphere, and then there was me with my pink polo shirt and sunburn to match.