Pretty as a Doll

The gorgeous residence of the DollFace Girls and Boys. Since both women and men visit to get pampered… Too many flights, too little sleep and weird eating habits on even weirder times of day and or night. Result: My skin begins to look dull and tired even though I am pretty anal about my products and skin care routine. What to do?: Aside from drinking tons of clean water and trying to catch up on sleep when I can, I like to find the best spa in the current city I’m visiting.

ENERGII! How to get a six pack workout while having fun

A workout that feels like you are at the night club with your friends partying. But instead of getting drunk, you get a six pack. My job takes me around the world and back many times a year. It’s awesome, and I feel blessed and enriched to get all these experiences. But while ‘living the dream’ traveling the planet, I find myself getting messed up on a few accounts. One thing that really bugs me, is my lack off fitness routine.

Getting my 'Bambi' on

Hi, my name is Kristina and I’ve become an eyelash extension addict by choice. To you who have not heard or tried my choice of ‘drug’ I will briefly explain what it is: Basically you go into a nice spa, lie down for about an hour to an hour and a half and relax on a soft bed, while an expert technician gently adds the finest and most beautiful hairs to your own eyelashes.

Luxury in NYC with James Corbett

James Corbett himself hanging at his color bar. Beauty magazines call him ‘the Secret Weapon’ HEALTHY HAIR WHEN IN NYC It’s no secret that my hair is a mess. It’s always been unruly and crazy big. All modeling agencies have asked me to cut it, without success. But since a bad ‘bleach situation’ done to my hair over a year ago where I lost two thirds of my mane I was humbled by the universe so to speak.

Primp & Polish - Williamsburg

As soon as you walk into Primp and Polish, you know that you’re not walking into a typical nail salon. Things can only get better with each step through the doors and into the back garden to escape the madness of Williamsburg’s Bedford avenue. I was greeted by the spa manager and led to the quiet coat check room which also doubles as the massage therapy room. The salon has a wide variety of choices from various nail brands including Essie, OPI, and for a few extra dollars you can have Chanel or Dior polish.

Blink Brow Bar - London

Blink Brow Bar located in various locations in London says “Brow Power to the People!“ The experts at Blink adhere to the common philosophy that eyebrows are one of the single most important features on your face – and should be treated as such. All of the brow artists at Blink are expertly trained and live for shaping the perfect arch. We all know that the eyebrows on a face can make or break a look whether misshapen or over-plucked which is why it’s always a good sign when your brow artist takes a few moments to study and learn the shape of your face to devise the best approach.

LaserTouch Aesthetics - Soho

In our beauty obsessed culture, it is often easy to get carried away with a little nip here and a little tuck there, and then another nip, and another tuck, until some people find themselves looking almost unrecognizable. Overly puffy cheeks, expressionless foreheads and cartoonishly plumped up lips are certainly not the desired effect! In order to avoid the aforementioned disasters, a skilled eye for aesthetics, symmetry and proportions is required.

Joanna Vargas Salon & Skincare - Midtown

A trip to Joanna Vargas Skincare is like a bootcamp workout for your skin. The treatments are results driven and glowing skin rewards are guaranteed. My experience at Joanna Vargas Skincare was nothing short of miraculous, and the compliments from friends and family have confirmed that Joanna Vargas has truly created a winning formula to tighter, firmer, glowing luminous skin! The road to these amazing results was paved with the patented Triple Crown Facial, using the advanced technology of microcurrents coupled with microdermabrasion.

Haven Spa - SOHO

Having crisscrossed the globe, spanning cities from Los Angeles to London, and virtually everywhere in between, I consider myself, not only a travel aficionado, but also somewhat of a spa connoisseur. Always on the hunt for the holy grail of massages and facials, I never would‘ve guessed that my search for the perfect spa experience would be found in my own backyard…well, not quite my backyard, but close enough! Haven, a spa in Soho, NYC, is a serene oasis, providing a calm refuge from the hustle and bustle of the streets of New York.

SUPER Boutique - Malibu

Nestled among some of SoCal’s chicest shopping (adjacent to the Lumber Yard and Country Mart on Cross Creek Road), Super is dedicated exclusively to the Super product line by Dr. Perricone and constantly debuts new launches before they are available at Sephora. A place where casual meets savvy, surf meets celeb and eco meets effortless. In addition to a full feast of skin care for face and body, skinserious, apron-clad estheticians will be on hand to offer consultations and Quickies, 20-minute on-floor facial treatments that combine active products and advanced technology for instant results.