Hotel Diplomat - Stockholm

Everything within Hotel Diplomat is put together to make you love Stockholm. First thing, when you stay at this privately-run four-star hotel, you are situated on the most prestigious street of the Swedish capital: Strandvägen. Perfect location to explore my favourite hostpots in town like cult restaurant/bar Riche which is only a five minute walk, the clubs of Stureplan: Spy Bar and Kåken or even F12 are only five minutes cab away.

Hotel Skeppsholmen - Stockholm

It’s sounds like a dream to stay in a hotel on an island, but in Stockholm this could become reality. It’s actually quite easy, just book Skeppsholmen Hotel on the homonym lush island. Don’t worry you don’t have to rely on any boat to explore the city, the island is connected by a bridge to the center, that you will reach in a 5 min bike ride or 10 min walk.

Hotel Birger Jarl - Stockholm

Sweden’s best contemporary interior architects and designers have teamed to rejuvenate Birger Jarl Hotel and the result is striking. I was staying in Junior Suite 4U, its author, leaving figure in the world of Swedish design Love Arbén worked on the principle that guests prioritise three things in hotel rooms - looking out, watching TV or lying in the bath and staring at the ceiling. Three activities that have formed the basis for the décor in Junior Suite 4U.

Hotel Hellsten - Stockholm

Hotel Hellsten is not a regular hotel. It is literally the museum of its founder: Per Hellsten, who became an hotelier purely by accident. He is an anthropologist who spent 10 years traveling and researching in Africa and Asia, so most objects exhibited in the hotel are from there, masks, drums and arrows, Asian cupboard and Chinese paintings. He is an ethnographer and during the 1970s studied amongst other things a village in Kenya.