Style And Beauty

Meet Reggie's Bird

Reggie’s Bird is a new online clothing boutique with a focus on vintage inspired and unique dresses and outerwear. You can’t find these pieces just anywhere! The clothing on offer include quirky patterns, prints and cuts that are classically versatile enough to can be worn and kept for many years. A beautiful red dress in the shop from afar will look like it has a simple flower and tree design but upon closer inspection you will see squirrels and owls hiding within the flowers and tree branches of the flowing dress.

Pretty as a Doll

The gorgeous residence of the DollFace Girls and Boys. Since both women and men visit to get pampered… Too many flights, too little sleep and weird eating habits on even weirder times of day and or night. Result: My skin begins to look dull and tired even though I am pretty anal about my products and skin care routine. What to do?: Aside from drinking tons of clean water and trying to catch up on sleep when I can, I like to find the best spa in the current city I’m visiting.

Getting my 'Bambi' on

Hi, my name is Kristina and I’ve become an eyelash extension addict by choice. To you who have not heard or tried my choice of ‘drug’ I will briefly explain what it is: Basically you go into a nice spa, lie down for about an hour to an hour and a half and relax on a soft bed, while an expert technician gently adds the finest and most beautiful hairs to your own eyelashes.

All Glossed Up with Hard Candy Lip Stain

Swell City Guide was able to review a hot new makeup item recently. Do you like having soft lips? Do you want to hydrate chapped lips? Want a beautiful shimmery lip color? Hard Candy All Glossed Up is an amazing glossy hydrating lip stain/crayon for a very reasonable price. No need for a lip pencil sharpener because you can easily turn the knob at the bottom of the Hard Candy All Glossed Up Lip Stain crayon and more lip stain comes up.

Luxury in NYC with James Corbett

James Corbett himself hanging at his color bar. Beauty magazines call him ‘the Secret Weapon’ HEALTHY HAIR WHEN IN NYC It’s no secret that my hair is a mess. It’s always been unruly and crazy big. All modeling agencies have asked me to cut it, without success. But since a bad ‘bleach situation’ done to my hair over a year ago where I lost two thirds of my mane I was humbled by the universe so to speak.

Alexandra Janelli - Theta Springs Hypnosis - NYC

I’ve generally been somewhat of a melancholic and anxious person, since my early twenties but the last two years have been particularly stressful for me. Although I had seen different therapists over the years, and it did always feel good to walk out of a doctor’s office having gotten everything I was feeling off my chest, I often felt that progress was slow. I learned that with hypnotherapy depending on what you need help with, the positive effects can be seen more quickly after only the first few sessions.

Whittemore House Salon - West Village

Conveniently located in the West Village and co-founded by hair care industry experts, by celebrated onetime Bumble and bumble creative directors Victoria Hunter and Larry Raspanti, Whittemore House Salon is many cuts above the rest. Named after the famed 19th century affluent manufacturer who once owned the building, Samuel Whittemore, the space occupies the ground floor of one of the city’s oldest and most storied buildings. The building’s beautiful aesthetic and history compliments the well-edited staff of respected beauty-world heavyweights, who were selected for their strong editorial and education backgrounds, as well as their commitment to progressive techniques and creativity.

Adamina Spa - London

Located on the corner of Kensington High Street, behind the doors of a former bank lies Adamina Spa, a gorgeous, light and airy boutique spa with an array of fabulous treatments. My back was in dire need of some TLC, and a full body massage was definitely what the doctor ordered. After being greeted by a serene receptionist behind a gorgeous big purple desk, I was led down a hallway featuring intimate lighting, coloured lanterns and pebbles adorning the walkway to a women’s locker room and offered a steam before my treatment – an unexpected and welcome extra touch.

Hershesons Blow Dry Bar - London

Hershesons, London’s leading hair salon and “anti-salon”, Blow Dry Bar offers spiffy signature chairs and wash-sinks as well as stylists across the area are doing wrist exercises to prepare for their auditions. It’s almost time. Hershesons Blow Dry Bar is an innovative concept created around a very simple idea: No cuts. No color. Just blowouts. Only 25£ for 30 minutes. One flat fee, regardless of hair length or thickness. (And, yes, that includes wash and shampoo.

Will Leather Goods

Bill Adler has opened his Will Leather Goods storefront this week in Venice,CA. Adler who is a Detroit native has been innovating great design in the world of leather of leather since the 70’s. His love affair began while pursuing his acting career, where he took a sabbatical to develop the early line of belts, deemed Billy Belts. Developing a belt collection sold in the heart of the Venice beach boardwalk became the the beginning of a love affair with leather.