12 Things To Do in a Tahoe City Winter

Tahoe City is a epic heaven for young children. Over a dozen ski resorts surround the Lake Tahoe area on both the Nevada and California sides of the lake. Fortunate for me, My kids and I get to spend the entire 2017 winter season in Lake Tahoe – some calling it the best winter season in the last decade! So here is my list of things to do with kids in the North Lake Tahoe and surrounding area.

Latteria San Marco is an amazing restaurant in Milan

Latteria San Marco – Milan Located in the elegant yet discreet  district of Brera, the genuine, warm Latteria San Marco is a no nonsense jewel for conoisseurs from all over the world. Every high profile figure of design,fashion, journalism and art know that this tiny place that doesn’t accept reservations is worth the waiting.Maria and Arturo Maggi enchant with their quintessential italian hospitality and authentic food coocked to perfection and this is exactly the philosophy behind the restaurant since 1965: great quality delivered in a homey environment.

Unwind, Breathe, & Relax at the Little River Inn - Hotel, Golf, and Spa

The perfect getaway awaited me at the Little River Inn located on the Mendocino Coast. I had heard many great things about the area from other travelers who have experienced the Mendocino coast but have never taken the initiative myself. The Little River Inn gave me the perfect Mendocino Coast experience that went well beyond my expectations. The aqua blue water reminded me of the color of the water at a tropical beaches of Hawaii or Big Sur.

Wanderlust 108 San Francisco Review

When life hits you with a punch here and a kick there the challenge is to show your strength and that you shall persevere. Along this journey your body and soul will be wrung with wounds. If you want to instill light and life back into your body and soul, gain a meaningful experience, dance your heart out, challenge yourself further in your yoga practice, gain perspective through meditation, and feel more connected give Wanderlust 108 a try.

Zuka - Rio de Janeiro

Located in the affluent neighborhood of Leblon, more specifically on Rua Dias Ferreira (carioca’s food heaven), the sleek yet cosy Zuka keeps enchanting its sexy clientele with Ludmilla Soeiro’s delectable cuisine. Service brings a stylish and casual approach, with the chef herself serving some tables and chatting with happy and at ease clients, most of whom seemed regulars, embraced in the Brazilian flair for great food and cheerful mood. Soeiro isn’t afraid to dare and conquer with tasty dishes of surprising combinations.

Emiliano Hotel- Sao Paulo

Located in the heart of Jardins, the most luxurious and charming district of Sao Paulo well known for his sophisticated restaurant and boutique; Emiliano is synonym of prestige and knowledge.From location to service, from decoration to gastronomy, Emiliano always values maximum sophistication, added to authentic Brazilian hospitality, to offer a special and memorable experience to its guests.The key of its longevity in such a fast paced city is the attention to details.

A Taste of L.A. Soul Delivered with Munchery's New Celebrity Chef Roy Choi

On Aug 21st, 2015, Munchery and Roy Choi announced the pleasure of hosting a free foodie event extravaganza at the Line Hotel in Koreatown, Los Angeles, California. The two new Munchery and Roy Choi dishes are Kimchi Pork Belly Fried Vice and Cheezy Short Rib Instant Ramen. These are two unique dishes that are quite personal to Roy inspired by his Korean roots. A few years ago, I was lucky enough to try the Kogi food truck.

Pretty as a Doll

The gorgeous residence of the DollFace Girls and Boys. Since both women and men visit to get pampered… Too many flights, too little sleep and weird eating habits on even weirder times of day and or night. Result: My skin begins to look dull and tired even though I am pretty anal about my products and skin care routine. What to do?: Aside from drinking tons of clean water and trying to catch up on sleep when I can, I like to find the best spa in the current city I’m visiting.

The 3 Best Casino Theatres for Live Shows

There are very few things quite as enjoyable as being able to travel to see some of the world’s greatest shows, and with the increased popularity of live theatre shows, some beautiful auditoriums and amphitheatres have been erected all over the world. Many of these theatres have been built within the grounds of casinos as well. With the rapid growth of online gambling, casinos now find themselves struggling to keep the attention of former patrons, as well as appeal to wider audiences, especially as online casinos have begun to encroach on their territory.

ENERGII! How to get a six pack workout while having fun

A workout that feels like you are at the night club with your friends partying. But instead of getting drunk, you get a six pack. My job takes me around the world and back many times a year. It’s awesome, and I feel blessed and enriched to get all these experiences. But while ‘living the dream’ traveling the planet, I find myself getting messed up on a few accounts. One thing that really bugs me, is my lack off fitness routine.