Boutique Hotel Villa Belpoggio – Loro Ciuffenna, Tuscany

Bel Poggio in Italian means beautiful hill, and the name really fits. Relais Villa Belpoggio is immersed in the gorgeous Tuscan hills of the Arezzo district in Tuscany, just a thirty minute car ride from Florence. This area is not as widely popular as the Chianti region, at least among non-Italians, but maybe because of this it is one of the finest and less hectic places to visit during your Italian holidays.

Ultimate Escapes - Tuscany

Known for its breathtaking landscapes and its artistic legacy as much as it is known for its Chiante wines, Tuscany is arguably the greatest art repository in the world. From extraordinary paintings and sculpture to frescoes and architectural masterpieces, this enchanting destination is also replete with castles, fortresses, watch-towers, and ancient town walls that make medieval Europe come alive in the modern age. As you pass by beautiful tended vineyards, fields of sunflowers and ancient olive groves, you’ll cast off the cares of every day life and embrace the passion for the good earth that defines Tuscan culture.

Il Borro Winery - Tuscany

By Stephanie Amberg Photography by Stephanie Amberg When my travel companions and I included the Il Borro winery as a stop along our trip through Italy, I expected the typical wine experience similar to the ones that I’ve enjoyed in Napa, Oregon and the Loire Valley in France….vineyards, barrels, tanks, bottling machinery, and wine tasting rooms….the usual. Albeit situated within the intoxicating landscape of Tuscany. So, imagine the wonderment that captured our very souls as we began to explore our historical surroundings.