D*Face at Corey Helford Gallery - Los Angeles
D*Face at Corey Helford Gallery - Los Angeles
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On April 9, internationally-celebrated UK street artist D*Face will make his distinguished mark from the walls of Corey Helford Gallery to the streets of Hollywood with the debut of his newest exhibition of works, “Going Nowhere Fast.” One of the most prolific contemporary urban artists of his generation, D*Face has created works for a variety of notable commissions, from Penguin Books 50th Anniversary covers to a portrait of Pope Benedict XVI for The Vatican, and his works have sold at auction houses worldwide, including Christies, Sotheby’s and Bonhams. Most recently, he collaborated with pop star Christina Aguilera on the cover art for her number-one selling album Bionic. For “Going Nowhere Fast”, D\*Face will unveil his most sensational solo exhibition to date, on view in Los Angeles for the first time at Corey Helford Gallery.

D*Face defines his work as - aPOPcalyptic – “a metaphorical backdrop for the corruptive persuasive consumerist folly that has been force fed into society.” His narratives reflect popular culture, the American dream and the false ideal of good triumphing over evil, and his powerful imagery presents a moral dilemma for his viewers to embrace, reject, laugh or deny.

For “Going Nowhere Fast”, DFace challenges society’s fascination with celebrity through his satirical exploration of fame, power and material-obsessed culture. Transforming the gallery into a multi-media vault of aPOPcalyptic new works, DFace immortalizes the deaths of America’s most illustrious icons from Andy Warhol to Michael Jackson with an all-star milieu of new paintings, sculptures and installations. Also on display will be “Flutterdies”, an unusual sculpture series fashioned from authentic butterflies and insects combined with spray can caps that D*Face has collected over the years. “Going Nowhere Fast” will culminate with a shocking red carpet experience on opening night.

Open to the public, the reception for “Going Nowhere Fast” will take place on Saturday, April 9 from 7:30 to 10pm, and the show will be on view until April 27, 2011. Following “Going Nowhere Fast”, D*Face will be a featured artist at BritWeek in Los Angeles (April 26-May 11, 2011), creating a major installation as part of its art program showcasing exceptional talent from the UK.

About DFace DFace is a London-based sculptor and street artist whose work features reoccurring themes about celebrity, fame, and mortality. Over the past decade, DFace’s artwork has been exhibited worldwide in galleries, museums, and on city streets. Influenced by punk music, graffiti, skateboarding, his work can be seen across a variety of different media applying his playful, tongue-in-cheek imagery with anti establishment values, and his early artistic inspirations include pop artists such as Lichtenstein, Haring and Warhol. In 2005, DFace set up the gallery StolenSpace, London’s foremost contemporary urban art gallery, and he continues to put his work illegally into the public domain. For more information about the artist, please visit



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