Thirsty Cat Fountains - Feng Shui, meet Healthy Cat
Thirsty Cat Fountains - Feng Shui, meet Healthy Cat
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You can maintain your cat's health by making sure they drink enough water and eat healthy, organic cat food. Healthy food is another subject for another time but it's a well known fact that keeping your cat hydrated will keep them at their optimal health -especially during warmer months. Not only will a ceramic cat fountain encourages your cat(s) to drink more water but it also brings good Feng Shui and energy to your home. The calming sounds of water trickling down from the gorgeous ceramic fountain will bring peace to your home but also offers many other advantages for your cat's health and well being. You can find plastic fountains at your local pet store but these kinds of fountains harbor bacteria and are not easy to maintain and keep clean. A ceramic fountain is easy to clean because it's made of high fired ceramic sanitary ware.
Thirsty Cat Fountains offer handmade, 100% food-safe ceramic cat drinking fountains which serve equally as well as indoor fountains for home decor. Cats need to drink enough water and it is well known that cats much prefer moving water. Whether flowing up, down or sideways, these fountains encourages your cats to drink,contributing to their health with none of the negative effects that come from China-made or plastic cat fountains."Cat Fountains" founder and creator (he creates each and every fountain himself) Keith Davitt says the following about ceramic cat fountains:

If you come from using a plastic fountain, please note that these fountains, unlike what you are used to, are extremely easy to clean and because they are not made of plastic they don’t harbor harmful bacteria and never cause chin acne. They also are not noisy, as are the Drkinkwell and other plastic fountains.

Did you know that cats prefer moving water to standing water? In nature, moving water is safest. Did you know that cats prefer to find their water source someplace other than where their food is and will often drink more if the two are separated? Try placing your handmade ceramic cat fountain in your living or dining room, perhaps on a low table or stand. You can enjoy it for its visual appeal and delightful sounds and your cats will appreciate finding their water there and will almost certainly drink more.

Whatever you do, avoid plastic fountains. They are known to cause numerous feline health problems.I receive comment after comment from customers telling me of the chin acne their cats developed from plastic fountains.

Each fountain adds a uniquely wonderful accent to your home as well as promoting feline and human health (moisture and ions in the air and such.) They are great Feng Shui and a delight to see and hear.



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