Interior Designer, Broosk Saib
Interior Designer, Broosk Saib
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Broosk Saib
London based interior designer Broosk Saib was born in Baghdad, but his Kurdish family left in the 1970’s when he was a teenager, moving him from a world of blue mosques and ancient buildings to a traditional English environment. These two strong visual influences are seen in his designs which marry contrasting textures and rich finishes with traditional English lines. He mixes this with an appreciation of the textiles, colors, antiques, fragrances, quirky details and serendipitous market discoveries gleaned from his many travels abroad.
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Broosk Saib
1. If you weren’t an interior designer what would you be?
From a very early age, I have always wanted to be a doctor because I have always liked looking after people but sadly I am too squeamish.
2. How do you describe your personal style:I use a classic base with a touch of quirky contemporary. I think this can be applied to my personal taste in interiors and my dress sense.3. Is there a decorating trend that you wish to never see again?I can’t really answer that without offending but I think this whole wishy-washy taupe this and taupe that style that is based on materials of no substance is ridiculous. The sooner this approach to interior design disappears, the better.4. What are some of your favorite colors right now?I think that red has always been top of my list, all shades of reds. Blues and browns also keep cropping up in my work at the moment.5. What regions in the world are you finding inspiration right now?I think London is so cosmopolitan and full of different flavours, it certainly gives me the most inspiration so I am very lucky to live here. However, wherever I go in the world I always find something new to look at, you can pick up on things that inspire you everywhere you go.6. You like to incorporate fragrance into your designs. How do you determine which fragrant notes that you will use for a particular design project:It depends on where the project is, I would use different smells for a hot or cold country and it also depends on who the project is for, the smell I would choose would be very different if I was designing for a family in comparison to if I was designing for a bachelor.7. If you could decorate the home of a person past or present/alive or dead/fictional or real who would you choose and why?I think it would be someone like Coco Chanel, because I think in as much as I would enjoy designing something she would genuinely love, I would also learn masses from her. The list is endless with a character like that, her understanding of colour, proportion and the use of elegance, I think we could have made something very special together.



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