Liana Yaroslavsky’s Charming French Atelier
Liana Yaroslavsky’s Charming French Atelier
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Liana Yaroslavsky’s Charming French Atelier

Liana fondly refers to her atelier as her “little nest.” High ceilings, white walls and parquet flooring the color of honey create a haven where she can escape and tend to her creations undisturbed. Only the sun peaks in through large windows, its rays reflecting off of floor-length mirrors and elegant crystal chandeliers that bathe the atelier in peace, clarity and light.

The spacious, 105m² workspace also doubles as Liana’s showroom where admirers and the curious can gather to view her exclusive table creations. Her extraordinary collection is unlike any other, as novelties like glass baubles, crystal bubbles and entire chandeliers are somehow magically encased in a transparent veil of glass. Once inside Liana’s atelier, the connection between its luminous character and her ingenious table collection is revealed.

Liana’s stunning atelier is only 300m away from the artist’s home. It is a warm, tranquil and inspiring place where she is able to channel her inner peace and deeply connect with her artistic ideas and creativity.



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