Meet Reggie's Bird

Reggie’s Bird is a new online clothing boutique with a focus on vintage inspired and unique dresses and outerwear. You can’t find these pieces just anywhere! The clothing on offer include quirky patterns, prints and cuts that are classically versatile enough to can be worn and kept for many years.

A beautiful red dress in the shop from afar will look like it has a simple flower and tree design but upon closer inspection you will see squirrels and owls hiding within the flowers and tree branches of the flowing dress. That’s just one example of the rare styles offered at the shop.

The online shop also has an #inspirationdiary within it that will document all the travel and art experienced by the store’s owner. Travel and art inform and inspire this shop in so many forms.

Reggie’s Bird is offering all Swell City Guide readers a special discount code offering 25 percent off on all items in the shop. This offer expires July 31st 2019. Use the code: SWELL at check out. One per customer.

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