Paris Perfect Rentals - Paris
Paris Perfect Rentals - Paris
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During the planning phase before my recent trip to Paris, I decided that I wanted to find an alternative to a hotel stay by renting a luxury apartment. I discovered also known as “the wine apartments” because the owners named each and every apartment after their favorite wines. I imagined what it would be like to stay in an apartment rental which would not only make me feel like a resident of Paris but also serve me well with all of the same important amenities of my own home such as a kitchen, washer and dryer. I envisioned an apartment close to all of the significant landmarks and museums as well as savory markets, café’s and shopping destinations. offered all of the things I had imagined and served me beyond my expectations in terms of location, spaciousness of the apartment, cleanliness, assistance from an apartment greeter (in lieu of a hotel concierge) and much more.
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Upon our arrival in the Cote De Nuit apartment, we were welcomed by a lovely and informative ParisPerfect greeter. All of the Paris Perfect apartment staff are bilingual in both English and French to assist guests with all of the information they need to make their stay as easy and pleasant as possible. Our greeter gave us a nice little tour of the apartment, showed us how to use appliances around the house and shared her knowledge about the café’s, markets and landmarks in the local neighborhood and beyond. During our apartment tour I asked our greeter what I later determined to be a somewhat silly question, “How do we get to the Eiffel Tower from here?”, she walked us to the balcony in our apartment and pointed out the view de la Tour Eiffel also known as ‘La Grande Dame De Paris’, reminding me that not only do we have this magnificent view from our apartment but that we were less than a stone’s throw away from the legendary landmark. For more information visit:



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