St. James Hotel - Paris
St. James Hotel - Paris
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Located in the 16th Arr., The St. James is the only château-style hôtel in Paris. Nestled in a lush green setting you would almost forget you're right in the center of Paris and only a mere stone's throw from the Arc de Triomphe and Avenue Victor Hugo. This stunning but small "mini château" only has 48 rooms including 20 Junior Suites, 11 full sized Suites and two Pavilion rooms, which stand alone located at the entrance of the main building (each with their own built in Turkish style hammams!). The hotel features a spa, gym, library, private dining rooms, gardens, and free WiFi throughout. There is also a restaurant on site and a Le Bar-Bibliotheque/Lounge which was once a real library (the hotel itself was once home to an advanced school for young intellectuals).

At the helm of the gorgeous interior design of the St. James is Bambi Sloan, a self-taught Parisian designer whose work at the hotel shows no regard at all for the uptight geometries and constrained palettes of the stereotypical Parisian luxury hotel. The common thread is a minimalistic sensibility with a touch of the eccentric. The hotel has a whimsical feel but never too kitschy; the spaces are full of unexpected detail but sophisticated all the same and the running color theme is definitely black and red.

Do yourself a big favor the next time you are in Paris and stay at this hotel for a one of a kind Parisian hotel experience.

St. James Paris 43 Avenue Bugeaud, 75116 Paris, France +33 1 44 05 81 81



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