QMS Medicosmetics at Liberty of London
QMS Medicosmetics at Liberty of London
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!QMS Medicosmetics interior Flagship copy
!QMS Medicosmetics interior Flagship copy
 has increasingly become the skincare brand of choice for beauty editors, showcased by its arrival in the Liberty Beauty Hall this summer. Now, from 13th – 19th January 2013, QMS Medicosmetics’ Oxygen Facials will be available in the beloved British store.

Oxygen Facials have become known in the industry for their ability to give immediate plumping and moisturising effects. QMS Medicosmetics uses the highest percentage of pure oxygen on the market (98% compared to the standard 70%) to help repair the skin and accelerate the regeneration process. Nanotechnology, the highest quality active ingredients (70% Natural Collagens and Hyaluronic Acid) and QMS’ customised oxygen machine combine to ensure that ingredients do not just sit on the skin’s surface but penetrate the cells which can become starved of oxygen, particularly during the winter months. The result is smooth, radiant and youthful skin.

Founded by Dr. Erich Schulte, a leading traumatologist, cosmetic surgeon and skincare pioneer, QMS Medicosmetics was designed to provide intelligent, high-performance skincare that works for men and women of every age. Liberty’s Beauty Buyer, Sarah Coonan commented, “If you haven’t tried QMS Medicosmetics yet and have less than perfect skin, you need it in your life.” QMS Medicosmetics 1hr Bespoke Facials at Liberty cost £50. This is redeemable against two or more facial skincare purchases from QMS Medicosmetics. Bookings can be made at QMS Medicosmetics Skincare Counter T: 020 7734 1234 ext 2431.



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