Luxury in NYC with James Corbett


James Corbett himself hanging at his color bar. Beauty magazines call him ‘the Secret Weapon’


It’s no secret that my hair is a mess. It’s always been unruly and crazy big. All modeling agencies have asked me to cut it, without success. But since a bad ‘bleach situation’ done to my hair over a year ago where I lost two thirds of my mane I was humbled by the universe so to speak. Suddenly I had to care for my hair on all levels. And today I know what it’s like to put your locks in a bun every day because you hate it.

In LA I have my favorite hair stylist, in Copenhagen as well. But visiting NYC a few weeks ago I felt out of the loop when it comes to hair care. Rather randomly I met an old friend - make up artist Gabriella Tipsa, whom I’ve shot with numerous times. Gabriella pointed me to James Corbett Studio where she works as a beauty expert. The salon has the perfect location close to Union Square right off 5th Avenue.

Honestly I just want my hair to grow out again. Right now, people tell me it looks trendy, but I don’t care. I would like healthy and long hair again. I love the feeling of the long locks touching my back and playing around my shoulders and waist line. Meeting James Corbett was great. He looked at me and literally felt my pain. I kid you not. I could see it in his eyes. “No matter what we do today, we are not getting any color near your hair. We want to bring it back to life at all cost!.” Those were James’ words.

So far so good. What happens next? Well, Tina Mulryan, one of the best colorists and stylists in the city greets me. And after a consultation with her expert eyes she takes me to the sink and gives me something called an Olaplex treatment. Aside from being a majorly strengthening treatment, Olaplex is something you can put in hair color as well. Tina told me it works wonders as she was massaging Olaplex into my hair and scalp. Just fyi: the scalp massage felt like heaven.

It’s been weeks now and I still feel a positive chance to my hair. My Mowgli from ‘The Jungle Book’ – mane is not only soft, but more in check and manageable. Over all, my hair looks and feels way healthier than before all because of Miss Mulryan’s magical touch and superb knowledge

Recently I went online and discovered that James Corbett is a complete darling with the media. Allure, Cosmopolitan, Instyle magazine call James ‘the secret weapon’. And now that I’ve been in his salon, I understand why. Everyone is super chilled, honest and I got the best treatment. Everybody takes their time and I did not feel rushed at all. Rather I felt relaxed and pampered after the treatment.

Oh - the reason you see Gabriella painting blue eye shadow on me is because she was testing a look for a shoot she was doing the following day. I’m used to being multi-handled so to speak so I don’t; mind. Also it’s a great way to catch up in a busy world where everybody is traveling and working all over the place. When you are in the chair at the James Corbett Salon it’s ‘you time’. I can only recommend his services to anyone who visits NYC.

Check out  James Corbett Studio’s website where you can book online with ease


Head back into the sink, feeling the absolute luxury of the Olaplex treatment…


Almost done….


Time for blow dry and make up..


The salon and products for my hair. They smelled divine…


james in his salon and a view of the cute courtyard. Adorable.


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