Rail Europe - London to Bath
Rail Europe - London to Bath
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london february 2011 022
london february 2011 022
Train travel in England or anywhere in Europe for that matter can be an exciting adventure, especially for those who want to enjoy the country-side. Trains run via the UK's First Great Western trains as well as Virgin Trains and a few other options, but the most efficient way to book is through Rail Europe. You can either book with a specific itinerary or for more 'free spirited' types, you can opt to keep your plans open and purchase a ticket that allows you to explore what you want, when you want -anywhere in Europe. I chose the itinerary option and took a short 3 day trip to Bath in Somerset. Located just over an hour by train from London, the journey offered the loveliest views of the pristine English countryside. My ride truly felt like a taste of modernity, encapsulated in antiquated serenity. There's something really special about this particular countryside more than any other in the world (in my humble opinion), something that's a little bit hard to completely wrap your head around. It's very relaxing to stare out the window and let time pass while daydreaming while getting to your destination.

Once I woke up from my large dose of daydreams I decided it was time to bring out my laptop and do some work. The train is electrified using both AC and DC sources for deriving energy -which really comes in handy for business people. Food service was great, with an adorable older gentleman coming up and down the aisles serving coffee, tea and other snacks. I enjoyed an Earl Grey (which is my usual) with milk and three sugar cubes followed by a Double Decker bar, one of my all time favorite chocolate bars that I am only able to purchase in the UK or Canada. By the time I had my daydreams, delicious day snacks and drink, and did some work we had arrived. The views upon the arrival in Bath are truly breathtaking and a good explanation why Bath has been a destination for wealthy people since the Roman era. Not breathtaking in an extravagant way, but just as lovely as can be in a natural yet signature could-only-be-in-England kind of way. The Georgian era homes perched on the sage colored grassy hills high above, the fog hanging just above the homes, Bath is truly a site to see and one of the most impressive arrivals in terms of eye candy that I’ve ever experienced.

Traveling through Europe by train truly enhances the journey experience. As opposed to hopping in and out of airplanes and airports, you can really incorporate train travel into the full travel experience. Rail Europe is an excellent website that caters to all kinds of travelers. It is convenient and easy to use. I highly recommend using it for train travel anywhere in Europe.

Tip: Train directions should be taken care of before traveling. It might be possible that the train you took for going in a particular direction might not be the same way back. Make sure that you have the time table with you and that you have counter-checked the train direction with fellow passengers.

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