Cannizaro House - Wimbledon
Cannizaro House - Wimbledon
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House from Lawn
House from Lawn
Through all the traveling I have done in my life I have never fallen prey to the allure of resorts or “off the beaten” path luxury hotels. They often struck me as bourgeois playground getaways for toffs and the elderly who wanted to leave home and never encounter the city they are visiting.  My opinion was vanquished upon my arrival at the Cannizaro, a stylish boutique hotel cum resort with an interesting history that has housed not only English earls and aristocrats but also famed tennis players.   Anyone for tennis? Situated in Wimbledon, Cannizaro has been the destination of choice for not only players but also coaches, sporting media, and tennis fans who have chosen Cannizaro as their preferred venue from which to enjoy the Championships for over twenty years. The House provides transport throughout the day for their guests, taking a mere five minutes to reach the All England Club Gates.

A hotel that is thoughtful, inspired and as inclusive to its guests as the community it resides in. With its stunning terrace overlooking over 34 acres of Cannizaro Park, art hanging all over the walls from local student artists (excellent way to support the community!) and beautifully refurbished rooms and we must not forget an award-winning restaurant as well as a hip bar with attractive and friendly bartenders -the Cannizaro hotel is sure to delight, whether you are relaxing, celebrating or sporting.  If you’re visiting for a reason other than the nearby tennis industry, you can ride horses on the park ground, rent a bicycle, walk around the grounds in a pair of wellies which Cannizaro can lend you if you didn’t bring your own..

Exploring the grounds with my friend before dinner, I had the sudden realization that I was incredibly relaxed and then after a few tasty cocktails at the bar we headed over to the indoor/outdoor patio which feature floor to ceiling glass sliding doors with views to the acres of village green. Just as the sun was setting we took our seats and perused over the menu. I decided to take the simpleton route on my starter and ordered a mellow salmon carpaccio with capers and lemon followed by a heavier pork belly dish for my main. I had a little bit of regret with my starter choice because what I really wanted to order was the scallops however my partner in foodie crime also wanted the scallops and for some reason I have this strange aversion to multiple people ordering the same courses at dinner, so I opted for the salmon. My pork belly was good, but definitely not the best I've ever had. Once again my dining partner beat me in the game of "who can order the best dish" with a choice of duck for her main. I found myself experiencing some major 'food envy' because both plates she ordered were beyond delicious and dare I say it, much tastier than the plates that I chose. Her plates were very well executed, especially the tender, juicy duck. The moment I took a few bites of my friend's duck dish, I realized exactly why this restaurant and head chef Christian George have won multiple awards.

If you are looking for a relaxing yet fun escape from the hustle and bustle of Central London, but don’t want to embark on an endless road trip, park your car at Cannizaro in Wimbledon and step inside your new home away from home.

Cannizaro House is a part of the Mantis Hotel Group

W Side Common Wimbledon SW19 4UE, United Kingdom 020 8879 1464



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