A Taste of L.A. Soul Delivered with Munchery's New Celebrity Chef Roy Choi
A Taste of L.A. Soul Delivered with Munchery's New Celebrity Chef Roy Choi
Carey Steinberg
Carey Steinberg
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On Aug 21st, 2015, Munchery and Roy Choi announced the pleasure of hosting a free foodie event extravaganza at the Line Hotel in Koreatown, Los Angeles, California. The two new Munchery and Roy Choi dishes are Kimchi Pork Belly Fried Vice and Cheezy Short Rib Instant Ramen. These are two unique dishes that are quite personal to Roy inspired by his Korean roots.

A few years ago, I was lucky enough to try the Kogi food truck. My friend raved about it, followed Kogi on Twitter, and I had the delightful Short Rib Tacos. Not only were they mouth watering full of two worlds I had never combined before. Korean BBQ and Mexican food. Roy is an innovative chef who also was the inspiration for the film "Chef," by Jon Favreau. He also is the executive chef and owner of Chego and POT which is a fine restaurant in the Line Hotel. The Line Hotel is really cool as well and reminds me of the Standard, but more down to earth and not as hipster bombarded.

Back to this evening, I chose the Kimchi Pork Belly Fried Vice and it was amazing! A perfect balance of spices, kimchi, eggs, and pork. I love the name since I am a big Miami Vice fan. I really wanted to dress like Don Johnson, but it was too hot to wear a sport jacket. My friend and I both agreed the food was superb, the event was loads of fun with a great DJ, penny Tiger beers, penny Heineken beers, and a delicious $3 cocktail. I think all the money goes to charity, as well.

I look forward to more Roy Choi dishes and I am a huge Munchery fan especially since they branched out throughout Los Angeles. You can order Munchery all over Los Angeles now and Santa Monica. The packaging is beautiful and completely environmentally friendly and biodegradeable. Munchery is the solution to busy parents who want the children to eat healthy with fine food ingredients prepared by great chefs.

RoyChoi EventFlyer blog 01 Munchery x Roy Choi

We’re thrilled to welcome Roy Choi as a Munchery contributing chef! His soulful creations are premiering on our L.A. menu next week, and will roll out in San Francisco, New York, and Seattle this fall. Get excited to have two of Papi’s most personal dishes delivered right to your doorstep!

Kimchi Pork Belly Fried Vice

“Memories of Korean dishes are mashed together with long mornings as a teenager watching PBS cooking shows in this fried rice of my dreams.”

Cheezy Short Rib Instant Ramen

“Ooey gooey. Slurpy. Trippy. A messy cultural nuclear reaction that represents how I grew up.”

If you’re in LA on Monday, August 24th, help us celebrate this exciting collaboration to bring amazing food right to people’s doors, and taste Roy’s cozy, soulful, intensely flavorful creations at POT Lobby Bar at the Line Hotel

3515 Wilshire Blvd LA, CA 90010 Party with us 8/24, 7:30pm – 9:30pm



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Carey Steinberg

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