Sushi Leblon in Rio

A pioneer of elegant, legit yet avant-garde Japanese cuisine since its opening in 1986, Sushi Leblon is a clear favourite with the carioca elite and international glitterati: Madonna, David Beckham and Jared Leto are just a few of the many superstar regulars.


On the menu, mouthwatering dishes like “tuna tartare with caviar and raw egg yolk”, “salmon carpaccio with truffled oil”, and “grilled scallops with papaya guacamole” really embody the bold spirit and attitude of the restaurant.

Another emblematic dish is the “half grilled tuna with foie gras, green apple and wasabi sauce”. Citric and savoury, bitter and sweet. A spicy sensation bursts in the palate with this exquisite and daring combination of flavours that only pros would dare to dream.

Wine and drink selection deserve a mention as well as the delicious and varied dessert offer. Something unusual among Japanese restaurants.

The service, overseen by the superb manager Cesar Agapito, simply stands out with efficiency, knowledge and wonderful Brazilian warmth.

Not to be missed at all costs.

sushi leblon Rua Dias Ferreira, 256 Leblon – Rio de Janeiro

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