Boris - Los Angeles
Boris - Los Angeles
Carey Steinberg
Carey Steinberg
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I had the pleasure of witnessing a once in a lifetime performance. Boris from Japan played their entire Flood album. This was one of the best, unique shows I have ever seen. Most bands do not play an entire album as a themed show. Boris is a visionary band who enjoys being classified as not one genre.

The Flood album was released in 2000, however it is still a very modern album today. The album has four tracks and each track is about fifteen to twenty minutes in length. The songs start out slow and build up into atmospheric, rock anthems. Boris has been classified as shoegaze, doom, metal, indie rock, psychedelic rock, etc. However, Boris likes to switch up on each track, album, and enjoys not being tied down to one musical genre.

The show was spectacular and as Flood built up, I found it hard to not head-bang while taking photographs. In addition, it seems Boris likes playing in almost pitch-black lighting which creates very challenging photographs. As Boris built up into these heavy songs, they even play with fog and lighting effects. At one point the lighting matches the heavy rock and the lighting effects resemble lightning. These effects were amazing.

In addition, the band Deafheaven opened for Boris. Deafheaven is great and also releases albums on the label Sargent House. Deafheaven also plays long songs, but is even heavier then Boris with screaming vocals and pounding drums. Many people associate them with black metal, but I disagree and think of them as atmospheric hardcore. I really like their album “Roads to Judah” and “Demo.” Deafheaven’s latest album “Sunbather” is simply another example that they are a very consistent band. They played some tracks from this new album and I think it is a great album, also. Go see Deafheaven on their 2013 tour with Marriages.

I also encourage you to buy Flood and all the other amazing albums such as Heavy Rocks, Pink, and New Album on Sargent House. Boris released Präparat in 2013 and will continue to transform you into another dimension. If you have the chance to see Boris on their 2013 tour you will not regret it.

Article and Photography by Carey Steinberg



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