White Hills - Los Angeles at the Echo

Super spaced out and heavy, psychedelic rock band White Hills are performing at my favorite Los Angeles venue called the Echo in Echo Park, Los Angeles, California tonight June 18th, 2015. New York City’s White Hills are going to transform you into another dimension with their amazing live show in support of their new album “Walks for Motorists.”

Come one, come all to witness modern psychedelia’s best with heavy, distorted riffs, lasers, and a trip to another galaxy. White Hills will rock your world tonight at the Echo! The opening bands will be great too including HOTT MT, Gregg Foreman’s Sitar Project, and Mr. Pharmacist. The admission is only $8 and worth every penny. Buy their awesome, new album “Walks for Motorists” to continue the trip on your record player.

Here are some photographs I composed at Austin Psych Fest 2014 of White Hills below:









The Echo 1822 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026

Thu, June 18, 2015

The show was amazing and started out very transcendental with Gregg Forman’s Sitar Project. The music was like modern day Ravi Shankar times two, but even more psychedelic.

Then, Mr. Pharmacist jumped on the turntables for a cool set in between bands. I’d love to see his vinyl collection because he played a bunch of great songs. You can see Gregg aka Mr. Pharmacist DJ at the Big Foot Lodge in Los Feliz.

The next band was HOTT MT who are very dreamy and the singer has a beautiful voice. They were great and played tracks from “I Made this LP” and the newer EPs called “E is for Enya EP,” “E is for Enya II,” and “Pop Levi.” The singer was really sweet and I told her I got a lot of cool photographs of them and she gave me the CD “I Made this LP.” I’ve been listening to it in my car ever since. You can also name your own price on their Bandcamp page and this is also an example of their love of music and generosity.

White Hills headlined the show and I was excited to see them again. The last time I saw them was at Austin Psych Fest 2014 and I really enjoyed them. Therefore, I had to see them at the Echo. They started out slow and trippy with an instrumental jam. Then, they played a number of great tracks from their new album “Walks for Motorists” such as “No Will,” “LSD or USB,“and “Wanderlust.” They also played some tracks from “So You Are… So You’ll Be” like “In Your Room” and from “Frying on this Rock” like “You Dream You See” which are some of my favorite songs by White Hills. The lighting was awesome with a colorful rainbow illuminating their faces and the sound was great hearing them rip away jams in a small club like the Echo. It was very cool to witness this personal experience compared to seeing them at a festival like Austin Psych Fest with thousands of people. White Hills also have an amazing assortment of clothing and Dave and Ego Sensation looked dressed to kill with tight, shiny pants and super psychedelic outfits.

Overall, it was an awesome show and I urge you to see White Hills in your city. They are currently touring Mexico, Iceland, and France. Go see them live, listen to their music, and buy all their albums because you will not be disappointed. White Hills will transform you into another dimension whether it is at their show or on your record player.

Gregg Foreman’s Sitar Project



Mr. Pharmacist

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White Hills

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show starts at 8:30 pm tickets are $8-10 and the event is 18+



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