A Tribe Called Red - Santa Monica

A Tribe Called Red is an amazing 3 piece electronic group from Canada. They blend together tribal beats and war-cry chants with hip hop and dub step. I had the pleasure of witnessing an incredible performance in Santa Monica, California.

The crowd was packed into this smaller venue called Central SAPC in Santa Monica. Central SAPC has a great sound system and cool bar with chill bartenders. It was nice to see most of the crowd dancing along to A Tribe Called Red’s nonstop jams. They mixed it up with songs from their original album, remixes, and new tracks from the forthcoming release “Nation to Nation” in early May.

I think the first self titled album is one of the best albums of 2012. Some of my favorite tracks are “Red Skin Girl” and “MoombahWow.” Most of the self title tracks have some really trippy videos, too on YouTube. A Tribe Called Red is truly a unique music group with such different sound compared to other electronic groups. Tribe’s pounding beats make you want to throwing out some dubstep wobbles and head bangin hip hop anthems. If you missed the show be sure to buy their new album or first album online. You can also listen to many great tracks on their soundcloud at https://soundcloud.com/a-tribe-called-red

Review and Photography by Carey Steinberg

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