ENERGII! How to get a six pack workout while having fun

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A workout that feels like you are at the night club with your friends partying. But instead of getting drunk, you get a six pack.

My job takes me around the world and back many times a year. It’s awesome, and I feel blessed and enriched to get all these experiences. But while ‘living the dream’ traveling the planet, I find myself getting messed up on a few accounts. One thing that really bugs me, is my lack off fitness routine. I get depressed and unfit if I don’t take care of myself. I used to be able to just throw on my running shoes and get my workout that way whatever Metropolitan city, beach or mountain village I would visit. Getting my sweat on and doing sight seeing at the same time is efficient on all levels. #Multitasking ;-). But that does not work for me anymore. Since years, I’ve had troubles with my achilles heel and sciatic nerve so I need to find other ways to stay in shape.

One extremely efficient way that I discovered when I visited my hometown of Copenhagen is called ‘Energii’. It’s a low impact turbo workout where you get your ass kicked without hurting your joints or ligaments. I was a bit skeptical in the beginning. I get bored doing Pilates and when I first came to one of the Energii studios my eyes were met with an entire fleet of ‘Pilates machines’. Argh! But all doubt was put to shame in before I could make up any excuses to leave. The machines are actually called ‘Reformers’ and you do your workout on, in and around them while the hottest beats blast the room like were you at the opening party of ibiza. the tracks are fire #JustSaying.

Even though it’s low impact, you get a lot of cardio since the instructor will have you repeat until you are about to throw up. Push yourself as much or little as you like. But for me, I like my workout to be intense and efficient so I can move on and be busy enjoying the rest of my day. I meet lots of men and women who do Energii on a regular basis and they all slimmed down and got very toned. Like with everything, this does not come over night and you need to eat healthy as well. But I can ‘cheat’ and have more big dinners and wine when I do this workout. Aside from the reformer training Energii has another side to their training options, which I like as well. It’s in a heated room where they offer ‘Heat it up’, which is low impact training with weights. 500 squats with your ‘ass to the grass’ become a daily routine once you become a regular. Some other options that I haven’t tried yet at his studio, is hot yoga and ERX. But I’m headed to Copenhagen in June and it’s on my schedule.

So how can this be fun you might ask? well, it’s not fun to drag yourself out of bed early to go to the gym or after a long stressful day at work. And at first when you start, pain in muscles you didn’t know you have pop up. But it’s just a tiny hurdle to get really good results. I hear a lot of times, that people are scared to look silly, fat or feel not hot when working out. Guess what, most of us do. I do all the time. But my ambition to get results overrule the thought of what other people might think. I felt like the weird unfit monkey caught in a Cirque du Soleil performance the first time I took a class. But soon I realized, that everyone goes through that phase and you can only laugh about it. Plus the trainers push you so hard that you have absolutely no time to look at the others and vice versa.

When I’m in my old home town I swear by this type of workout because I have fun and I get results. Fast. I usually say that it feels like you are at the night club with your friends partying. But instead of getting drunk, you get a six pack and a bikini ready derriere.

Btw: Energii also have studios in Miami and ibiza in case you are in those areas.

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Left: Reformer training on a Saturday morning with Ole ‘Ironman’ Karkov // Right: ‘heat it up’ with founder and trainer Gitte Mia Salling on a Monday morning

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It’s 8:30 am and Gitte Mia Salling is killing me (in a good way)

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Yup, you get flexible ‘a.f.’. Trainer Ole ‘Ironman’ and I doing it ‘Cirque du Soleil’ ;-)

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Monday morning with the nutty bunch :-D #LoveTheseLadies

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The 2 minds behind Energii Sanni Wulf Vangsoe and Gitte Mia Salling #LadyBoss


Energii US website

Energii Denmark Website



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