The 3 Best Casino Theatres for Live Shows
The 3 Best Casino Theatres for Live Shows
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There are very few things quite as enjoyable as being able to travel to see some of the world’s greatest shows, and with the increased popularity of live theatre shows, some beautiful auditoriums and amphitheatres have been erected all over the world.


Many of these theatres have been built within the grounds of casinos as well. With the rapid growth of online gambling, casinos now find themselves struggling to keep the attention of former patrons, as well as appeal to wider audiences, especially as online casinos have begun to encroach on their territory. According to Intercasino, the convenience of gambling online has been a major factor in why more people have shifted towards gambling online. Most land-based casinos have resorted to making the trip out to a casino worth it, relying more on additional services, such as live shows and added experiences.

While some casino theatres often showcase nothing but concerts, there are also some theatres that offer a bit of something more. Here are the three best casino theatres from all over the world:

  1. The AXIS at Planet HollywoodOne of the more mainstream theatres, The AXIS is most known for being the venue of Justin Timberlake’s annual concert for Shriners Hospitals for Children, as well as the Miss Universe, Miss America and Miss USA pageants. It was voted as one of the “Best Concert Halls and Theaters in Las Vegas” in 2011, and is the largest theatre of its kind in the USA.
  2. Sydney Lyric Theatre at The StarThe Sydney Lyric Theatre is among the premier theatres in all of Sydney, as it offers not just a taste of mainstream acts but also acts like Le Noir and the Rocky Horror Show. The theatre is found in The Star, and has a history of over 15 years of great shows from legendary performers.
  1. Hippodrome Live at the London HippodromeTowering above London is the Hippodrome Casino, a structure that has as rich a history as any of the ancient buildings in the city, and it all culminates in the Hippodrome Live, a theatre that features acts like The Folly Mixtures, London’s Burlesque troupe, the Riccardi Brothers Band, and the Velma Celli Show.



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