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Kristina Korsholm
Kristina Korsholm
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The gorgeous residence of the DollFace Girls and Boys. Since both women and men visit to get pampered...

Too many flights, too little sleep and weird eating habits on even weirder times of day and or night. Result: My skin begins to look dull and tired even though I am pretty anal about my products and skin care routine. What to do?:  Aside from drinking tons of clean water and trying to catch up on sleep when I can, I like to find the best spa in the current city I’m visiting.

As we speak I’m 33,000 feet high in the air traveling from Zürich to Copenhagen debating whether to eat the chicken sandwich they offer on board (gluten attack central!), munch on the Swiss chocolate they are passing around (sugar bomb) or order a glass of wine (alcohol dehydration). All pretty standard ‘nutrition’ to me since I fly sometimes more than twice a week. So how to do the miles, yet still look and feel good?

When I’m in Copenhagen, where I’m headed now, I put my trust into the hands of the team at Dollface. I absolutely love getting their Ling Signature facial. It’s a bit on the pricey side, but it does my skin wonders. I have problems with pigmentation. The dark spots emerge depending on my period cycle and on how exposed I am to sun. After only 1 visit to Dollface I can tell a difference. My face glows and I feel comfortable in public wearing no make up. It might sound vain for people who do not have skin problems, but suddenly waking up one day experiencing dark spots on your face is weird and not something you are super happy about. I know I’m not alone. Unfortunately lots of women get pigmentation problems. Doctors say that it is hormonal changes, taking birth control and sun exposure. I don’t know. But I do know, that treatments like the Ling Signature facial helps me keep the visibility of the dark spots down. That and using SPF. Aside from the immediate results, I love the ‘me time’. 1,5 hours of pure relaxation on the spa bed getting pampered like a baby in gorgeous, blissful yet discreet and quiet surroundings. it’s to die for.

Other treatments that I like to get done at Dollface is the Brazilian wax. Hands down: Lillie Gitte, the owner of Dollface does the best job in Denmark. I kid you not. Getting your private parts waxed is usually not on a top 5 for most people. But in the hands of Miss Lillie, you feel safe and the result is fast, silky smooth and impeccable. I give Dollface in Copenhagen 5 out of 5 stars and hope you have the same lovely experience as I do.

xx KK

These are the 3 blonde master minds behind Dollface. Katrina (left), Lillie Gitte (middle) and Marinela (right). Lillie Gitte being the founder and owner of Dollface. (Also the best waxer on this side of the pond #JustSaying)
Moi au naturelle after the fab Ling Signature Treatment. Still have a tiny bit of the pigmentation, but it's soooo much better after a facial #IWishICouldGoEveryWeek



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Kristina Korsholm

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