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Latteria San Marco is an amazing restaurant in Milan

Latteria San Marco – Milan Located in the elegant yet discreet  district of Brera, the genuine, warm Latteria San Marco is a no nonsense jewel for conoisseurs from all over the world. Every high profile figure of design,fashion, journalism and art know that this tiny place that doesn’t accept reservations is worth the waiting.Maria and Arturo Maggi enchant with their quintessential italian hospitality and authentic food coocked to perfection and this is exactly the philosophy behind the restaurant since 1965: great quality delivered in a homey environment.

A Figueira Rubaiyat - São Paulo

Located in Jardins, the wealthiest neighborhood of São Paulo, Figueira Rubaiyat (opened in June 2001) is owned and perfectly managed by Belarmino Iglesias Filho who also own the celebrated Baby Beef Rubaiyat barbecue restaurant. Under the enormous branches of a magnificent 100 years old fig tree is served a superb variety of food as salads, meats, paellas, pasta fish and mouthwatering meat thanks to the great chef Francisco Gameleira. Fancy and cozy…glamorous and slightly rustic at once the atmosphere of the place seduces in equal measure Brazilian power players, beautiful couples, big families and international elite (Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Riccardo Tisci, Quentin Tarantino are just a few of the aficionados ).

Zuka - Rio de Janeiro

Located in the affluent neighborhood of Leblon, more specifically on Rua Dias Ferreira (carioca’s food heaven), the sleek yet cosy Zuka keeps enchanting its sexy clientele with Ludmilla Soeiro’s delectable cuisine. Service brings a stylish and casual approach, with the chef herself serving some tables and chatting with happy and at ease clients, most of whom seemed regulars, embraced in the Brazilian flair for great food and cheerful mood. Soeiro isn’t afraid to dare and conquer with tasty dishes of surprising combinations.

Sushi Leblon in Rio

A pioneer of elegant, legit yet avant-garde Japanese cuisine since its opening in 1986, Sushi Leblon is a clear favourite with the carioca elite and international glitterati: Madonna, David Beckham and Jared Leto are just a few of the many superstar regulars. On the menu, mouthwatering dishes like “tuna tartare with caviar and raw egg yolk”, “salmon carpaccio with truffled oil”, and “grilled scallops with papaya guacamole” really embody the bold spirit and attitude of the restaurant.

Rubaiyat Rio

Founded 58 years ago in Sao Paulo , Rubaiyat Group finally arrived in the Cidade Maravilhosa by the capable hands of Belarmino Iglesias Filho in 2014. A sprawling 1400 square meters impeccably decorated in a very appropriate lavish / rustic way located on the stunning grounds of the charming Jockey Club in the plush Jardim Botanico neighborhood overlooked by the Christ the Redeemer. Even with its wide selecton of fishes that range from ripe and delicious oysters to octopus ceviche it’s almost impossible to pass on the mouth watering meat from the cattle bred of Fazenda Rubaiyat, in Dourados (Mato Grosso do Sul).

A Taste of L.A. Soul Delivered with Munchery's New Celebrity Chef Roy Choi

On Aug 21st, 2015, Munchery and Roy Choi announced the pleasure of hosting a free foodie event extravaganza at the Line Hotel in Koreatown, Los Angeles, California. The two new Munchery and Roy Choi dishes are Kimchi Pork Belly Fried Vice and Cheezy Short Rib Instant Ramen. These are two unique dishes that are quite personal to Roy inspired by his Korean roots. A few years ago, I was lucky enough to try the Kogi food truck.

STK Milan

  The cool american kid just conquered Milan and is spicing things up in the beautiful but sometimes too quiet town. Located inside the brand new ME Milan Il Duca, STK is all about flattering dim lights, loungelike decòr, friendly yet professional service combined with delicious food (mouth watering meat as well as tasty fish and much more). The “soundtrack” tailor made by the uber dj Sam Young, the superb drinks and impressive wine list attract a designer clad, international crowd on a nightly basis.

2015 San Francisco Cinco De Mayo Festival in the Mission

The Cinco De Mayo Festival in San Francisco’s Mission District always draws a large crowd with its tasty food vendors and fun entertainment. This festival will take place Saturday May 2nd, 2015 from 10am-6pm between 21st and 24th Streets on Valencia Street in San Francisco. Arriving by BART and MUNI public transportation is highly recommended. photo of the official website for the 2015 San Francisco Cinco De Mayo Festival in the Mission

Inglenook Winery In Napa Offers A Picturesque Scenery and Coppola History

Beautifully manicured trees line the entrance of this historical must visit Napa winery. Inglenook Winery is one of the must see wineries when visiting the Napa Valley where locals and tourists alike are attracted to its dreamy views and historic yet elegant touches. Below are photos from the Inglenook Winery website: Inglenook Winery’s main building which houses a Coppola historical museum and wine tasting areas A beautiful scenery to wine taste in or to host a private event at in Napa.

Ips All Natural Crunchy Chips Are Tasty And Good For You

I saw Ips all natural protein chips at the supermarket and decided to give them a try to find out what all the rave reviews were all about. Who doesn’t love tasty chips without the guilt of packing on the long laundry list of unhealthy ingredients that usually come with typical chips in the supermarket. It’s tough shedding off the pounds and we are living in a more health conscious world today than ever.