HB&B - Covent Garden

hbb-tableHeaton, Butler and Bayne is situated in the bustling borough of Covert Garden down the ever enchanting floral street, being of the most sophisticated places to dine out in the capital.  HBandB originated back in the 1850’s starting its life as a stained glass workshop, that’s presence is modestly felt in a simple and effective pallet of whites and blacks, screaming sophistication and superiority giving it a very contemporary ambiance, that’s marinated in history.

The menu seemed well prepared and organized. Physically, designed with delicacy and gentle craftsmanship, sporting modest and effective typography and layout that only projects the restaurants confidence.

We opened the evening with a retiring portion of pate, which came out with some delicious brown bread, severing each other to there fullest of potential, leaving my mouth watering.  To end the evening and lay out taste buds to rest I had a flavorful sorbets which really finished off a wonderful evening with honest food and fantastic staff, who make the restaurant’s experience even better.

-James Mistry

Floral Street (corner of Garrick Street) London WC2E 9LH http://hbbrestaurant.co.uk/

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