Chaya - Venice Beach

Interior-977x484The Chaya establishment I visited is set in the heart of the pulsating borough of Venice in Los Angeles. It’s a minute walk away from most of your plans, which makes it an ideal choice if your looking for soft sophistication midday or evening. With a crowd that’s so mixed and heartful you would have no trouble bringing your boss, family or friends to dine here.

The décor is simple, yet rather dazzling and the franchise of Chaya restaurants have been around for 28 years with many locations still popping up around the world. The menu has been devised by Executive Chef Shigefumi Tachibe, who is celebrated for his modern Euro-Asian notion, enthused by infusing exotic ingredients and honoring culinary traditions from his native Japanese roots. Chaya restaurant exploits local and maintainable ingredients fresh from the farmer’s market each week and they seasonally refresh their menus based on local availability. I was first introduced by the enthusiastic waitress to try some seafood so I happily obliged and was brought out an assortment of salmon elegantly displaying five medium sized fillets. To tell you the truth I was quite worried because I’m not the world biggest raw fish fan and I had noticed that the fillets where raw….eeek. However to my surprise I was completely blown away with the it. The chef had put lemon and slices of tomato with some fresh salad on each fillet with the world most complimentary spiced and oily condiment which turn the salmon into an 1110, honestly I couldn’t believe it myself, it was simply divine.

When I was treated to the main course I was presented with the option of some sliced filleted steak of which I just could not refuse. The meat was so juicy and tender, as I asked for medium rare the juices in the meat were incredibly tasty, more so than I had expected. The peppercorn mash potato was a winner, complimenting each fork full of meat with green beans I was simply in heaven, and comically I think other guests dining near me could tell.

Overall the restaurant is amazing from all aspects, with an attractive and lavish decor, attentive service, beautiful people and casual yet luxurious ambiance. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone and I can’t wait to dine at the San Francisco location, and hopefully it meets the high expectations the Venice location set.

-James Mistry

Chaya Venice 110 Navy Street Venice, CA 90291

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