CoolBrew Coffee
CoolBrew Coffee
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Recently I had the chance to try out a cold brewed coffee called CoolBrew.  My first impression was the packaging looks a bit weird but once I tasted it I found out it’s high quality coffee.  This cold brewed coffee is very pure and in a concentrate form so you mix it with cold or hot water and you get a perfect cup just like you brewed it yourself at home.

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I have found that I like this cold brew method much better than traditional brewing because it’s much easier and faster to make but also it has less acidity on the stomach.  The other weekend we were traveling to Santa Barbara from San Francisco and usually I would purchase those canned expresso drinks to help stay awake on the drive.

This time I had a few cups of CoolBrew and found it to be a much cheaper and healthier replacement.  The place we were staying at didn’t have a coffee maker either, again Cool Brew to the rescue, I simply mixed it with some water and ice in the morning and it did the trick!


CoolBrew has been around for over 25 years so they must be doing something right.  Their coffee comes in a ton of flavors, all naturally flavored and with no sugars or preservatives which is a big plus in my book.  I was able to try the new chocolate almond flavor and it was good by my favorite was the french roast.


Personally I like that CoolBrew isn’t too strong either.  Most cold brew coffees can be too strong and have that jittery effect if you aren’t careful.  Turns out the package is very functional as you can get a perfect cup every time using the built in measuring system.  Basically just squeeze the container until the measuring cup part fills up and pour it from there.    The measuring system helps to avoid adding too much concentrate.

You can use this coffee to make a lot of yummy stuff.  Check out these handy recipes I found from their site:


I highly recommend CoolBrew coffee to friends and anybody looking for some great cold brew coffee.

Now you can find CoolBrew in Brooklyn at Freddys Market:

Check it out at



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