Kitchenette - London

2e7b0059_laPutney is home to the first London based Kitchenette restaurant, following the success of various other locations: many are in Turkey, with others operating in St. Petersburg, and Baku. This lively venture serves an all-day Mediterranean style menu - breakfast, lunch and dinner - with Turkish influences.

Kitchenette’s interior simplicity is appealing, which brings the attention to the table, the quality of the food: a mark of many fine eateries.

For starters my guest and I ordered the Trio of Bruschetta and the Buffalo mozzarella. The bread was fresh, buoyant, topped with finely chopped black olives, roast peppers, and wild rocket. The mozzarella served with flavour-first heirloom tomatoes with pesto was also a good choice.

Dishes vary from Marinated Artichoke Salad, Falafel, Lamb Kofte, to dishes such as Beef Carpaccio and the Kitchenette Burger, which is a popular choice. The Kul Basti dish I ate, as a main was superb: tender strips of lamb, cooked rare and served with sautéed potatoes and steamed spinach. A well-balanced plate made better with a glass of red plonk, which the staff helpfully obliges in guiding your selection.

My guest went for the fillet steak, cooked rare, and replaced the usual chips with a brilliantly buttered mashed potato. The porcini sauce and large grilled mushroom complimented the dish perfectly.

The desserts menu is simple and effective, with the cardamom chocolate mousse is a fine way to end any evening. Kitchenette is a welcome addition to Putney’s highstreet: it’s reasonably priced, well thought out food, and good welcoming service will probably see your return before long.

Kitchenette 200-204 Putney Bridge Rd, London SW15 2NA

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